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The Purchase/Refinance Calculator is being provided to Lenders primarily for TRID Loan Estimate preparation purposes. The REProTool Calculator is primarily provided for estimating Seller Net and Buyer Costs for residential transactions.

The calculators are intended for use regarding a 1-4 residential property. If your property is commercial, industrial, agricultural, new construction, or if the seller is a developer or builder, please contact our local office for a customized quote for our tailored products and services. The output of these Calculators are solely dependent upon the accuracy of the information you provide in obtaining an estimate of costs. Please be advised that certain variables related to any specific real estate transaction must be considered in determining a final rate charge. If you want to confirm this estimate of costs, please contact our local office per the Locations page. Multiple loans involved in a transaction may require separate LEs and CDs. 

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Guaranty Company, or Chicago Title Insurance Company rates apply to our purchase/refinance and the Seller & Buyer Estimated Net Sheets calculators. Our company represents multiple national underwriters, so please call our local office for a customized quote if you have a preference. Rates and Fees are subject to change.

IMPORTANT – If the property is located in a subdivision that assesses a Private Transfer Fee on a conveyance of the property, you will need to add that Fee into your Loan Estimate. Private Transfer Fees will not be calculated for you in our Loan Estimate Calculator unless otherwise indicated. Estimated Private Transfer Fees may or may not be included in Seller & Buyer Estimated Net Sheets.  We have endeavored to provide any Town Transfer Tax if applicable to the subject property.   If included, these fees or taxes are only estimates and should not be used as final settlement fees. Please call our local office with questions about whether a Private Transfer Fee and/or Town Transfer Tax could apply to your property. 



Net Sheet & Calculator Disclaimer

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